Ramon starts playing drums when he is 12 years old. He's getting experienced, playing in several  bands. When he is 21 years old, he leaves to  France, to join his first professional band; Steelie. An international band: an American  guitarplayer, a bassplayer fromJamaica and a  singer fromSweden. After a year of intensive  touring with Steelie, Ramon returns to the  Netherlands and joins Zalesky. With  Zalesky he recorded ''Freedom Behind  Bars'' and ''Zalesky''.


After Zalesky, Ramon starts playing with  Robby Valentine. Also during that period,  Ramon plays a lot in Germany with several  coverbands: Touchdown, Baseball and Password. During that time, Ramon is getting  wellknown as a solid, reliable rockdrummer. He is being asked to join Wild Romance, Herman  Brood's band. Later on, Ramon is drummer of  the Wild Romance, while Gus Genser is  singer of the band.


Then, Ramon meets Jan van der Meij, who is the leader/singer/guitarplayer of  Powerplay and Ramon soon becomes the  new drummer of Powerplay. With Ramon,  the CD ''Welcome Home'' (unplugged) is recorded in 2002. After the release, Powerplay is  touring in the Netherlands for a while. Bassplayer on ''Welcome Home'' and during concerts is  Ivo Severijns (former Wild Romance) with  whom Ramon is a solid rhythmduet.


During that period, Ramon is also playing  with John Hayes, the former guitarplayer of  Mother's Finest, in the John Hayes Project. With Ramon, the CD ''Feel Tension Release'' is  recorded. The John Hayes Project has toured  with Kiss. On December 12th 2003, The John  Hayes Project is recorded for German television  at Rock Palast, Cologne.  When the American keyboardplayer/singer Rich Wyman hears about Ramon, he  askes Ramon to join him during is  concerts in the Netherlands.


In 2002 Ramon joined the Paris Dandies, the project of Dany Lademacher and Dirk Verwey. With this group he did a promotion tour to support their debut album "the Boudoir rouge" and is now still playing with them while working on their second album which should be released in the summer 2007.

The Paris Dandies did a couple of tv- and radioshows a.o."Barend en van Dorp", "Pauw en Witteman".


In November 2005 Ramon starts playing with Branko, the single en the album were released in January 2006 and the promotional performances got great response.

On the 1st of January 2006 Ramon started together with collegue Egbert Joosten their drumstudio in Arnhem, due to their musical efforts the studio is a great succes. On the 1st of april 2006 there will be the first masterclass with Cesar Zuiderwijk, for more detailed info click drumstudio Arnhem.


In 2006 Ramon joined the Beter R. de Vries band. This jazz-dance band has played on most of Hollands jazz-stages since then, and with great reviews. In the Sound-Vision studios het made several recordings with various artists and in 2007 he recorded the 2nd album of the Paris Dandies which was released in September 2008.

In 2008 Ramon played with the bands Hillstreet, Lilian Day Jackson band, Go to the max, Ron Helweg band among others.


In 2009 Ramon is endorsed by;  Adams drums, zildijan cymbals, Evans skins and Peace sticks.